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Bacterial- and Fungisdiseases

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Erwinia Rhapontici
This bacterium occurs near under the soilsurface a "mould" on the buds. The inner structure colours in the beginning till brown and slowly turns to black, at the end rotting partly and there appears holes in the structure of cells, often just under an eye. These attack appears already from spring on the moment that the eyes starts to develop. These eyes lives from the reservefood from the poll. The cells there, as a matter of speaking, are eaten empty. Hereby these cells are weakened and extra susceptible for an attack from the, in fact secundary, Erwiniabacterium. Bad structure of the soil, to much water f.i. play a clearly part.
Rotten stalkbasis
From fruit- and strawberryculture well-known fungis Phytopthora cactorum causes on Rhbarb a rotting of the stalkbasis and that especially under wet condition when leaf and stalks are "moulding" and the roots are rotting. Often dies such kind of a plant The sich cellstructures are in the beginning waterlike, afterwards it colous brown. Do not plant out attacked plantmaterial and prepare the soil for drainage on the parcels you will plant out.
Ascochyta Rhei
At the start mozaiclike colouring of the leaves. Afeterwards there develops red or brown spots of different size with often melt together. Typical are the spots with a dark point in the centre(falls out at the end) surrounded by a red ringzone.
Violetrootrot(Heliobasilicum Pureum)
Occurs often spotlike damage in the rhubarbplant. The roots are surrounded by a red-violetlike fungisstructure on the moulding and rotting places. At the end the plant dies.

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