Description of the Rhubarb culture

Culture in the open air

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Planting schedule
The planting time of rhubarb rootstocks is from april till june, but on experimental terms it seems that the month of march gives the best results. From potted plants the planting time is april till july.
On very wet soils you can best plant out as late as possible, or planting on hills. Because rhubarb may never stay under water, otherwise the plant dies.
Early harvesting rhubarb, or rhubarb for culture under plastic is planted out nearer than the rhubarb for the industry(processing); this is for a higher yields/ha and for deminishing weeds.
- Very early rhubarb(under plastic)
This is about 1.5 plant/m2
- Rhubarb for processing(and/or normal culture)
About 1.2 plant/m2
The plant is brought about 3 cm under the surface of the soil.
        a. Pulling furrows, afterwards setting in and cover with a plough.
        b. Just after the knife of a plough press in the plant at the sidepart.
        c. Planting with a shovel.
Rhubarb grows on almost every kind of soil., depending it is moisturekeeping and good drainable.
Rhubarb even can cultivated on hills if the parcel is too wet, even for the forcing culture and even for the early culture.
Make always a good structure of the soil. And the soil has to be free of nematodes which can damage the rhubarb.
Productinfields can stay for about 6 till 8 years.
Rhubarb is very gratefull for farmyard-manure.



6 (sand) a 7 (clay)
300-350 kg/ha
80-100 kg/ha
150-250 kg/ha (parted in 2 or 3 gifts)
With framyard-manure there is less nutrition necesarry.

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