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Good method of planting asparagus

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Requirements for laying on of an production field:
    -    Rowdistance stand at 1.60 - 170 meter.
         The rows have to have a distance which is all the same.
    -    The plantcurves have to be straight.
    -    The plantcurves have to be a depth of about 25 cm( below the soilsurface).
    -    The plantdistance in the row stand at 3-4 plants pro meter row.
    -    The plantroots are spread on a little hill, so that they come at a depth of 20 22 cm.
    -    The buds of the plants are placed in the lengthdirection of the curve.
    -    The heads of the plants are covered with al least 7 cm of ground.
    -    Normally there is planted out form half of march.
    -    Planting before there are formed new young roots and before the buds are growing.
    -    Only planting in sufficient wet soil.
    -    If there any chance of night frost the planting must be posponed or the planting must delayed

Harvesttime of the asparagusplants in the second year after planting only till half of may.
Yield from the third so about 1 kg/m2.

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